may 20th

This morning I woke up in dire need of a coffee, and some cash.

Today, Monday is flourishing in its own stereotypes. It is very glum outside. And lacking motivation. But in true New York fashion even the grey carries an essence of drama and romance. Especially within the ivy clad buildings and heavy rooted trees on Grove St.













See the man looking into the puddle? He’s crazy. I stopped to take photos of that little bird in his bath, and he approached. He was missing his front teeth.

“Ahhhh well look at that!! That’s a genuine bird bath right there and you got yourself a photo!! Look at that bird, look at it! Just shaking away”

He began shaking his body as if he was in a bird in a bird bath.

“Haha..yep! Sure enough”

He walked over to puddle, to get a closer look. The bird flew away.

As this was happening a man on his way to work paused to give me a ‘Do you need me to rescue you?’ look. With a quick glance back I assured him that I was okay and will be getting myself out of this situation in just a moment. But thank you for checking in.

“Well look at that, look look at that! It’s a fly in the bird bath. Looks like that fly isn’t a very good swimmer now is it? You know theres a joke about a fly in a bowl of soup! This man orders a bowl of soup at a restaurant looks at it and says ‘Waiter! Waiter! There is a flyyy in this soup’ and the waiter said ‘Well sure enough. He’s doing the backstroke!'”

This is where I closed my lens, smiled, slowly turned around and scurried down the street back into my building. Feeling a sense of relief when the door clicked behind me..

This city.


I love it, i do.
-The Narrator

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