Annual Grove Street Block Association Holiday Party

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About half way through November you notice a wreath here or there, a red bow or two, maybe a lit tree through a window. By December store windows are covered in lights, sandwich boards share words of holiday cheer, and a total of 18 wreaths are hung from the windows of the building next door.

Then the Annual Grove Street Block Associate Holiday Party takes place and we know it’s here. Tis’ the season, the very best time of the year.

A recap of the very important happenings on Grove Street via the Grove Street Association in 2013. Presented to us by Mister President of Grove, who happens to live directly above The Lady, how very appropriate.

If you haven’t noticed, the tree boxes on Grove have all been fertilized, and we must say.. they are looking better than ever.

We hired an exterminator to nix the rat problem on Grove, so… that’s that.

Sincerest apologies for the horrific scaffolding and it’s offensive display of posters hiding the front of 35 Grove. We know, it’s terrible. We can’t stand looking at it either. Good news is that the work is scheduled to take place into full completion after the first of the New Year.  And might we add.. the scaffolding above AOC has officially been removed, and the work on Little Owl should also be wrapped up here shortly. Needless to say the scaffolding situation on Grove isn’t perfect yet… but we are certainly moving in the right direction.


completely and totally offensive.


Little Owl is working with it, the blue does match their sign.

The spring planting this year was a huge success! We redid all of the flower boxes and even planted a few new trees. Thank you to everyone who came out and contributed. We hope to see more of you this year come spring planting day.

Now onto the funds… This year we gave generous amounts to a few causes near and dear to our hearts here on Grove Street including money to rebuild the tower of St. Luke. We also contributed a hefty amount to the St. Luke’s program for troubled gay and lesbian teens (applause).  We funded the planting of some new tree’s on Bleeker Street and also hired a new pruner for Grove.  We can expect some great results from these contributions in the year to come.

In restaurant news. I’m sure you all have noticed that Betel officially went out. I know, it’s unfortunate. But not to worry! You are all familiar with Buvette? Yes, of course you are. Well we have some wonderful news. Joni (the owner of Buvette) has purchased the space and she is opening a new little Italian restaurant with her business partner Rita! So this is something to look forward to, very much. I know I certainly am.

We would like to point out that Grove Street is the only street in the Village where all of the wickets around the tree boxes match. We feel this is something to be very proud of, as it certainly elevates the look of our street.  One those lines… my partner and I make sure to take time to walk Grove and just look around and think, what can we do to make Grove better? You know the terrible trash cans that sit in that small courtyard area outside of 25 Grove? Yes we know. It’s quite unpleasant to look at. Well it was that is. We installed a flower box there and filled it with ivy and greens so nobody has to look at those trash cans anymore! Quite the improvement. 


After all, Grove Street is and always must be the most beautiful street in the Village, and probably the entire city for that matter! 

Happy Holidays Everyone. 
We are so happy to have you here on Grove. 

- The Narrator


The bulbed wreath above Garage


Joseph Leonards opinion of the too warm for winter weather


Jeffreys is always ready to brunch


Inside they are full


A hidden hair salon with a beautiful sign


A close up


The only place to buy books in the Village, or at least. The only place that one should


The parking garage decor


A tree fit for a studio apartment


A bunch of hanging bulbs


The haps at Big Gay


Simple, thoughtful and sweet


The building with 18 wreaths


A wall of empty vines


The red bow hanging atop the gate to Grove Court


A pumpkin gone rogue


Last nights confetti

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